Welcome to Damourcity.com, the official website for AMDI (Association for the Memory, Development and Insertion), Damour, Lebanon..........We are waiting for you at the conference, Friday, August 18th, 2017 6 PM .


     - Damour Festival 2017- The Amdi Association thanks all those who participated in the success of Amdi Stand. She warmly thanks the team that organized this event especially the unknown soldiers who worked hard so that the Damour civilized face is brought to light.


     - AMDI is honoured to invite you to a conference on 'The Creation of Associations and the Conditions of Continuity' it is organizing.  The invitation is open to all, especially the members of the Civil Society in the Chouf Littoral. The conference will be held Friday, August 18th, 2017 6 PM at the Saint-Coeurs College, Damour. Arabic invitation


    1- Creating a Facebook Page in order to have a better visibility. Visit & Like!
    2- Organizing lectures to support the civil society... More >>



    - Aug 2017 : Silent Majority - By Me Bachir Aoun (Arabic)

    - Jul 2017 : Civil Society - By Doctor Emile Maroun (Arabic)

     - Jul 2017:  Deadly strategies – By Me Bachir Aoun (Arabic)

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