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Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs Damour

Maronite Archbishop's place of Beirut

Saints-Coeurs Damour Alumni

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Sunday November 06, 2005 was held in Damour with the coordination of the municipality of Damour, a medical day on Cardiovascular risk factors and prevention of smoking toxicity. Doctor Georges Tabet and Doctor Zeina Aoun Bacha have insists on the smoking toxicity like worsening atherosclerosis and vaso constriction major cause of cardiovascular problems, and other serious illnesses like COPD and miscellaneous carcinoma.

The organization of this medical day goes to:

- The voluntary help of several doctors, nurses and medical technicians of hotel-Dieu de France hospital.

- Progress Lions Club of Beirut

- Y.M.C.A

- Bohringer Ingelheim

- Droguerie de I 'union

- Lifescan Johnson and Johnson

- Pfizer consumer Healthcare

- Pharmaline


Doctor Georges Tabet
Doctor Zeina Aoun Bacha