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Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs Damour

Maronite Archbishop's place of Beirut

Saints-Coeurs Damour Alumni

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« If Damour is in peace and prosperous, Lebanon is in peace and prosperous » . With these words his Excellency the Archbishop of Beirut resumes his preoccupation about the situation of the city of Damour . In the last ten years, the city is still looking to reestablish a basic social and economical environment.

The visit was held on Friday and Sunday the 18 and the 20 of November. The presence of his Excellency in Damour blesses the city. The people of Damour, at least how were aware of the visit and the program were waiting for the arrival at St. Eli church. «  Damour is daily present in my priers » The Archbishop says.

Most of the people of Damour were not aware of this visit. That's keep a question mark on the policy adopted in such events.