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Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs Damour

Maronite Archbishop's place of Beirut

Saints-Coeurs Damour Alumni

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Saturday evening, March 04, Parents committee and AASSCC committee received at the theatre of SSCC Damour, the “Jouzour" association.

In a calm and transparent environment of "poetry, some candles and music" jouzour poets and artists send us far away in our memory, when every week, Damour received a cultural event. One of our greatest poets Géryes El Boustany succeeds with smoothness, poetry and of precision to describe the reality of our city.

Members of Jouzour present on the scene were: Mr. Jihad El Attrach, Mrs. Elvira Youness, Mrs. Maria Khayat Assy, Mr. Mahmoud Majed, Mr. Ismat Hassan, Mr. Mohamed matar, Mr. Chadi Mlaéb, Father Jean Jabour, and association president Mr. Chaouki Ammar.

The evening animated by Doctor Souad Andraous was completed by the intervention of two of our damouriens poets Mr. Géryes El Boustany and Mr. Tanios Andraous. The great musician Chafic Abou chakra has splendidly finished the evening while playing on Oud.

This initiative to support the solidarity account succeeded thanks to the voluntary production of Jouzour, the participation of parents and friends and especially thanks to the SSCC school direction.

Mr. Chadi Mlaéb et R. Jean Jabour.
Doctor Souad Andraous
Mr. Tanios Andraous