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    AMDI association is happy to announce the publication of the two following books:
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    * ‘Archbishop Toubiyya Aoun – his Autobiography’ 1803-1871
    Author: Dr Antoine Lebbos
    The book narrates the life of this prominent archbishop from Damour, who was one of the most important faces of the Maronite Church in his times and one of its most respected religious references in the religious, social and political fields.

    * ‘Damour, who are you?’
    Author: Michel Farid Ghorayeb
    This is the 3rd and revised edition of the book, with the addition of photos from the post 1976 period. The author travels through time, presenting the Damour plight (the displacement of its population in 1976) through an exhaustive view of its strategic geographic location.
    One of the most relevant books about Damour’s history and its plight.