Damourcity wishes to all damourien mothers in Damour and elsewhere in Lebanon and in the world a happy day. .

Damourcity.com is a website dedicated to the city of Damour in Lebanon. It is a private initiative that aims to participate in the economical boosting of Damour.
Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs Damour

Maronite Archbishop's place of Beirut

Saints-Coeurs Damour Alumni
Archbishop Visit to Damour====>
« If Damour is in peace and prosperous, Lebanon is in peace and prosperous » . With these words his Excellency the Archbishop of Beirut resumes his preoccupation about the situation of the city of Damour.........
Halloween Party at Damour ======>
More than 350 persons of freinds, Parents.......
Medical Day ======>
Sunday November 06, 2005 was held in Damour....

Iftar Dinner======>

More than 200 people participated in the Iftar dinner organized....
Ukrainien Troup in Damour


We have to count on ourselves.======>


Damour a beating heart.======>

Sunday March 12, a day of meeting and exchanges between generations, professors of the SSCC Damour and the religious sisters who left their marks in generations and generations.

Saturday evening, March 04, Parents committee and AASSCC committee received at the theatre of SSCC Damour, the “Jouzour" association. ======>

On 3rd October 2005, the C.A.D.I.R. association for development was registered officially (Ministerial Decree 197/A.D.). Based in Damour, the association will be active in all aspects economical development in the city and the region. We would like to congratulate the members of the association and give our support for all their endeavors. For more information please contact us. Bachir Aoun: Mobile : 961-3-109342


The project of the treatment of worn water of the area of Damour


Rose Ghorayeb left us. She died at the age of 97 years. A great poet and writer from Damour, which excelled in silence and work far from the media and the Business show


Parish Journal

Mars 12, 2006 All members of SSCC Alumni are invited to a journey under the sign of friendship ======>

Today in Damour